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This is a forum for Norse demigods. If youre egyptian, you are welcome here too.
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 my first character

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PostSubject: my first character   Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:16 pm

Name: Troyden trujillo
Myth: greek
What Camp: camp half-blood
Godly Parent and what they are God of: Hades god of the underworld
Mortal Parent: unknow mom
Powers: (MUST relate to godly Parent,Optional) control the dead, summon the dead, create a one way trip to the underworld(note: this makes him pass out), shadow travle, summon greek fire from his hands, can control shadows, and some time heal himself with the darkness
Weopon: Stygian Iron sword
Pets:(Optional) hellhound and a skeleton pegasus
Appearance: He has dark hair, light brown skin, and black eyes
Personalitly: Hes brave, loyal, and a great person to be around.

History*: no one knew who his mom was. He spent 4 years at a orphanage and when he turned five the state of colorado sent him to a broading school for trouble kids. He made no firends expect for a kid named mark jonson son of dionysus. they spent 7 years together but when summer came mark left troyden for camp. It wasnt tell troyden was 12 when mark found out he was a demigod and the son of hades.

RP example**: I woke up to find Mark flying a chariot with wigs. He looked at me and said” great to see your awake Troyden!”” what is going on here!” I asked. He looked like he was about to kill me but he Said” Troyden do you know about the Greek gods?”
“Yes but they aren’t real!”
“You are wrong they are still around.”
“And how is that?”
“Because I am a demigod.”
“Wait you are!?”
“Yes I am the son of Dionysus the god of wine.”
“Oh then who is my parent then?”
“I don’t know in till your Godparent claims you.”

Allergict to something?: peanuts

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PostSubject: Re: my first character   Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:13 pm

Approved. Your character will be put into the other myths clan.
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my first character
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