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 My first Monster

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PostSubject: My first Monster   Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:33 pm

Name: Echonomics "Echo" Wraspian
Age: 16
Appearance: Echo is just a normal boy with black hair, blue eyes. But he has pitch black wings on the back of his body. If he wants, he can turn any body part into a lion. Example: Echo turned his hand into a lions paw. Or: Echos face slowly became a lions face.
Godly Parent: (If half pegasus or something, it be Poseidon) Poseidon, but hes his grandfather.
Monster Parent: (There will be a list shortly. For now just take whatever you want.) Nemean lion and pegasus.
History:(3 sentences) Echo was always very shy. He couldnt go to school because of his wings. He pretty much hated his life.
RP example: ( 3 sentences, make it detalied.) Echo growled. His face became a lions. He flew up, chraging at the little boy who insuted him.

Notes: Nah.
Personality: Echonomics is very easy to offend. he hates little children.
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My first Monster
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