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This is a forum for Norse demigods. If youre egyptian, you are welcome here too.
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 Cassandra Neill

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PostSubject: Cassandra Neill   Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:16 am

Name: Cassandra Melannie Neill
Age: 16
Element: Earth
How long at Camp: 8 Years
Personality: Cassandra is a very friendly girl. She likes being everyone's friend and doesn't like making enemies, unless you provoke her. She's nature-loving, obviously, and does environmental friendly stuff, like planting trees. I suggest you don't provoke her, because she has a really short temper. And despite her kind attitude, she can become rude and snappy.
Style: Cassie usually wears a green tank top, a brown vest, and jeans. She wears knee-high boots along with these, and gold bangles with silver lining.
Biography: Cassie was born in a big family. She has nine siblings - four of them were the children of her foster parents, the other five her biological siblings, and she was the youngest of them all. Her parents died when she was a baby, so they were all sent to a foster home. Unlike others, she's only ever been in one foster home, and it was this one. It was a bit close to the Elementalist Camp. So when she wandered a bit too far, she found herself in Camp.
RP example: Cassandra stumbled through the trees as she looked around. She wiped the dirt off her hands and wandered into someplace that looked like a camp. A girl saw her, looking schocked. She called some other people. "What's this place?" Cassie asked. The girl wiped the shocked look on her face and replaced it with a small smile. "You're at the Elementalist Camp. You must be one, look at what you did," she said. Cassie turned around and saw that she had made a huge mess: there were walls of soil around the trees, but she didn't remember seeing it when she passed by. She tried to run away, but then she bumped into something big. She looked up and screamed. She ran towards the girl, who called for help. A monster had appeared. It charged at her, but one camper moved forward and attacked the monster. Cassie stumbled around, causing several chunks of earth to pop off the ground, and they all hurled themselves at the monster, and it staggered a bit under the weight. She felt drained, and was on the verge of fainting. The campers that had arrived finished off the monster. After that little scene, she's been at Camp for 8 years, and was one of the campers who stayed there longest.
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PostSubject: Re: Cassandra Neill   Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:15 am

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Cassandra Neill
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