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 Annabeth Chase

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PostSubject: Annabeth Chase   Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:40 am

Name: Annabeth Chase
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Myth: Greek
What Camp: Camp Halfblood
Godly Parent and what they are God of: Athena, goddess of wisdom
Mortal Parent: Frederick Chase
Powers: Annabeth has Divine Wisdom, meaning she has her mother's wisdom, and she knows a lot about architecture and Greek gods and creatures.
Weapon: CB Knife
Appearance: Annabeth has curly, blonde hair that reaches below her shoulders. Her eyes are a stormy grey. She is tall, fit, and athletic in build.
Personality: She is absolutely in love with architecture and almost always spends time either reading about it, visiting national monuments, or designing new buildings. She can also be rather possessive of the people she loves. She can also be harsh the first time you meet her, but if you turn out okay, she can be very loyal. Annabeth is strong-minded and stubborn, and she is intellectual and witty. Annabeth's fatal flaw is hubris.

History: When her father got married to her step-mom, they had two kids together. But since Annabeth was a demigod, they were always attacked by monsters. Because of this, she and her parents started fighting. Her parents thought she was putting the whole family in danger because of the monsters. But Annabeth was attacked by spiders every night, but when her step-mom came to check, the spiders had gone. So her step-mom started to think she was a freak. She ran away from home. She fought monsters on the way, but Athena helped her. Soon she was found by Luke and Thalia. They traveled together and fought monsters until Grover found them and brought them to Camp. In the process, Thalia was turned into a tree. Camp Halfblood became Annabeth's new home.
RP example: Annabeth opened her eyes as soon as the clock started ringing. It was 4:00, the Argo II was in the sky, probably being piloted by Coach Hedge, and she was ready to start packing. From next door, she could hear the light snoring of her fellow Halfbloods. Seaweed Brain's probably drooling, she thought with a light smirk. She changed her clothes and freshened up before leaving her room. When she reached the dining hall, she thought she could hear a loud humming. She opened the door to reveal Coach Hedge humming-

"YOU'RE EATING A SANDWICH AT FOUR IN THE MORNING? Then who's driving!?" Annabeth shouted. Hedge swallowed, then replied, "Leo." Annabeth slapped her forehead and went to see Leo. She saw him sitting there, his head nodding, mouth slightly open. "Leo," she hissed, "why are you sleeping!?" Leo jerked awake. He muttered a feeble apology and went back to driving. "We could have crashed!" Annabeth flailed. "We could have died! YOU COULD HAVE JUST LET HEDGE EAT HIS STUPID SANDWICH THERE!" And with that, she stormed off.
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PostSubject: Re: Annabeth Chase   Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:21 am

Approved! Your char would post at the Argo II.
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Annabeth Chase
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