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This is a forum for Norse demigods. If youre egyptian, you are welcome here too.
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 First Elementalist

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PostSubject: First Elementalist   Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:03 am

Name:Savannah Brown
Element:(Fire,Water,Earth or Shadow)Water
How long at Camp:a week
Personality:She is a friendly girl with an open heart.She likes making jokes and hates silence.She always tries to cheer people up and always see the good side of everything that happens.But she is also very afraid of the dark and acts many times like a baby girl when she is afraid
Biography: (Atleast 3 sentences)Savannah sepnded her life with her grandparents.Her mom and dad had died in a car crash when she was 2.Her grandma was in the hospital with canser and her grandpa didn't know what to do to save her and protect little Savannah.He learned about the camp and sent her there,hoping to save her.
RP example:(Atleast 6 sentences.)''Grandpa,will we go visit grandma at the hospital?''I asked the older man.He took his glasses from his desk and looked at me with a smile.His black eyes were sparkling with joy happiness even after all this years.''Yes,sweety,but why do you ask?''He asked with a playfull smile on his lips.''I want her to tell me if my hair is better short than long.You know how much she likes my hair!''I said and ran my hand through the messy curls on my head.
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PostSubject: Re: First Elementalist   Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:14 am

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First Elementalist
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