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 Demigod Competition-Sign Up and Information

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PostSubject: Demigod Competition-Sign Up and Information   Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:16 pm

So, I have finally decided that I would make a competition.
You can have three of your charries take place.
Here are the tasks:

1st task- Maze
Your character will be put into a maze. The maze is huge. You will have to find the end of the maze in time of 3 days. WE wil tell you when you are near.
Once you found it, there will be a backpack with your chars name on it. You will use it for the second task. WE will tell you what your characters back pack holds. NO arguing or you will be elimanated. The first 4 will be put into the second task. The rest will die. YES your characters will die.

2nd task-Desert/Scorch
Your character will wake up with the backpack in a huge desert. There is a safe haven 100 miles away. The first two who reach it in time of 3 days, will continue. They will retrive a backpack for the third task .The others will die.

3rd and final task for the last two- The Freezing cold.
The last two characters will be put into a arena which is basically just snow and Ice. There will be a safe haven 250 miles away. The first one too reach it, will win.
The other will die by freeze, eventually.

You cannot control the systems. Example: I walk up to the maze and immeadialtly find the pearl. That was easy, I thought.
If your character die, they DIE. So you cannot RP with them anymore!
You can only have three characters Join!
Your char cannot use powers in the tasks, TOO BAD!
No canons can take place.
Any other rules WILL be announced.

Now, the PRIZES!

1st place- The user will get 50K. The char will get a trip to olympus hotels. (The finest hotel ever) with two other characters OF THEIR CHOICE.
2nd place-The user will get 20K. The char will be rembered forever. The chars will get a new body, in which they can live in. The body is immortal, although you can die of age. The char will then get a cruise on Olympus Cruise and Co.

3rd and forth place- The user will get 1K. The chars will get a new body, in which they can live in. The body is immortal, although you can die of age. The chars names will be imprinted everywhere.

The form
Name of Character-
Name of user-
God Parent-

Enrolled people
Titus storm-Oceanus
Avery Caliga-Thor
Kyle Shayes-Horus

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Demigod Competition-Sign Up and Information
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