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This is a forum for Norse demigods. If youre egyptian, you are welcome here too.
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 Bartholomew Rite WIP

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PostSubject: Bartholomew Rite WIP   Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:04 am

Name:Bartholomew Rite
Element:(Fire,Water,Earth or Shadow)Water
How long at Camp:0
Personality:Spencer usually has a relaxed personality and tries to stay out of trouble. He can have a smart mouth and can become cynical and or passive aggressive when he feels like he is being mistreated or picked on. He tends to cut himself because of his deep hidden secret.
Style:Wears black jean shorts, a gray tee shirt with a black leather jacket over it. He also has a sea-green wristband.
Biography: (At least 3 sentences)Bartholomeo lived on the calm side of the island ans enjoyed the peace and quiet of the outside. He would constantly go to play outside. He had a stable home with two loving parents and had a beautiful house. Barth always felt different, he was might for something big.
RP example:(Atleast 6 sentences.)Bartholomew walked up to the front steps of the elementalist academy place. He took in a deep breath and prepared himself to be taught. Barth had everything he needed to start his classes and was ready. He walked toward the Sign-up station and prepared himself for what he was going to do. Barth checked his watch. "Right on time.."He mumbled and smiled a bit. He finally walked up to the desk.

Just fill this out.
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Bartholomew Rite WIP
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